Min. van Binnenlandse Zaken


Help us redesign Mijnoverheid.nl in order to improve usability and to make sure it better meets the needs of our users. Make sure Mijnoverheid.nl will operate properly on a mobile device as well.

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Mijnoverheid.nl is an existing portal. The portal was built from a technical perspective. Stroomt was asked to improve usability. Stroomt started the project with an expert review. One of the conclusions of this expert review was that the information architecture wasn’t good enough. Stroomt redesigned this information architecture.

Driven by this new architecture Stroomt designed new responsive templates. These templates were implemented in the existing portal. Stroomt advised the product owner and the scrum team constantly. The new portal is live now. After going live a continuous improvement cycle was started. Stroomt is highly involved in this improvement cycle by making designs, advise both the product owner and the team and moreover by facilitating the process of thinking about the future.


  • Expert review
  • Design of information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Advise


  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Style guide