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Our website doesn’t match our organization's new strategy. Please help us translate our new strategy onto the website.

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The NJi is the knowledge center for professionals working in the youth care in the Netherlands. When professionals need information they consult the Nji and check the NJi website.

Because of changes in the government and in particular the transition in health and youth care it is essential for NJi to change their strategy. Their website is, and must stay, an important instrument and it needed to be changed to reflect the changes in their strategy. The Stroomt team started with translating the strategy to the website. To achieve this strategy sessions were held, personas and the information design developed and user research was conducted by interviewing various target groups.

After gathering all the input we designed a new concept and a new website. In addition to the interaction design, a new visual style was designed and then applied to the interaction designs. The Stroomt team assisted the technical team that built the website.


  • Strategy sessions
  • Developing personas
  • Developing Information design
  • Interviews and workshops
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Assisting the technical team


  • Personas
  • Information design
  • Interactions design
  • Layered PSD’s and specs