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The Pon Organization leases cars under several brands. In the corporate market a Pon client usually has a fleet manager. For small and medium enterprises the local Pon dealer often offers this service. For fiscal reasons a lot of lease car drivers want to drive a hybrid car. For the clients of Pon, the company that pays the bill, such a car is often not the best solution (from a financial perspective). A lot of lease car drivers are not able to load their cars because of lack of loading points. Therefore they often drive a lot of kilometers with a heavy car on petrol or diesel. This causes extra costs and extra pollution.

Stroomt designed and built the Berijderstool. With this tool a lease car driver can select the best suitable car based on place of residence, working location, route and number of kilometers per period. Is was important the application works well on a smartphone as well as on a desktop computer.


  • Interviews
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Advising the technical team


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