What our clients say about us


“We have realised this project on time, with quality and within budget together with Stroomt. The first Beta clients let us know that they think the new GUI is a significant expansion and improvement.”

Bernie van Welt , Forcare Read more

“I didn’t know people like you existed. Ik wish we met earlier so we would have been able to involve you in the process earlier. But, better late than never. The Stroomt team had a great contribution to the end result.”

Jean Jacques Vossen , Mavim Read more

“We got to know the Stroomt designers not only as great designers but also as specialist who know their way around in a large and complex organisation. Besides designing great solutions they also help us to professionalise UX within the Rabobank.”

Maurice Bolte , Rabobank Read more



Stroomt loves to innovate, preferably with others. That’s one reason why Stroomt is founding partner of the Centre for Research of User eXperience (CRUX).

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